Pipe Storage Facilities

John Bunning Transfer Co., Inc. provides storage services in the Wyoming and Colorado areas.  Yards are located in Rock Springs and Guernsey, Wyoming along with Grand Junction, Colorado for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Rock Springs Storage

  • 2 Yards with over 70 acres of storage capability
  • Rail services and spur access
  • Inventory control system with personal audit services
  • Experienced and dedicated personnel with over 80 years combined yard experience.

Guernsey and Grand Junction Storage

  • Over 11 acres of storage capability
  • Rail services and spur access
  • Inventory control system
  • Experienced and dedicated personnel

Please call our corporate office at 1-800-443-2753 and ask for Derek Dudinsky if you have any questions about what services our yards can offer you.

Inventory Managment System

We at John Bunning Transfer are excited to announce that we are introducing a new tubular inventory management system for our customers.  This system will not only allow us to continue to provide our customers with accurate and timely reports and billing, but it will also allow our customers to log into their own account and see exactly what inventory they have in our yards….in real time.

The moment we offload and tally a rail car or truck, you will receive automated updates as well as information every time there is a transaction or movement within the yard.
Over the past 6 years we have been proud to offer dispatching and billing software that we believe is cutting edge.  This new offering is just the next innovation to help you do business as accurately and quickly as possible. We know the importance to our customers of staying on top of their inventory at all times, and we feel that this new system will allow you to do just that.

If you are an existing customer, you should already be seeing the new alerts and transaction reports.  For information about the online “real-time” portal, we will be sending out a follow up email shortly.  If you are a potential new customer and would like to see a demonstration of this new offering please contact me, Derek Dudinsky.

While we at John Bunning Transfer pride ourselves on our reputation for providing safe and reliable service for over 125 years, we also know that business is moving at a new pace.  From our integrated dispatching and billing system to our new inventory platform, we are confident we are leading the industry in innovation as well.

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