The pipeline logistics department of John Bunning Transfer Co., Inc. is dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers.  We have many years of experience handling line pipe.  We have the man power and equipment available to unload from rail and stock pile pipe with complete inventory control.  We have steerable pole trailers that are capable of steering at the double, triple, and quad random lengths.

We pride ourselves on giving customers service in the hard to reach areas.  We have completed many mountain projects where towing and or snubbing loaded and empty trucks on the right of way have been a great challenge, but required.  It is what we do, putting pipe in hard to access areas using experienced personal to oversee the work at hand and under some of the most difficult circumstances.

We also provide transportation services from the pipe mill to right of way for the contractors.  We use all towable equipment for deliveries to the right of ways.  We can also load from stock pile areas on our equipment for delivery and track inventory control and paperwork for the receiving customer.  We also have a track hoe with a vac unit for pipe handling.  We have the capability of putting any equipment needed on a job site.

Steve Behrman heads our pipeline division.  He has been with the company in many different positions over the last 40 plus years.  The last 20 plus years have been in the pipeline logistics.  Customer requirements and or requests come first at John Bunning Transfer. We feel the customer knows what is needed and we do what is required to accomplish their requests. 

Safety is also paramount and doesn't end at the tailgate in the morning; it is an on-going process throughout the complete work day.  We are proud of our excellent safety record and strive on a daily basis to keep a safe and friendly work environment.

Feel free to contact Steve Behrman or Derek Dudinsky at 1-800-443-2753, and he is happy to answer any questions you might have and explain more in detail about what we can do for you.