Crane Services

At John Bunning Transfer, we offer cranes and rigging specialized in the oil and gas industry, with the capability and skillset for numerous applications. All of our crane operators are NCCO certified, and bring with them years of experience and the knowledge to complete any job. Each crane is accompanied by a certified rigging crew to meet all our customers' safety requirements. Our fleet consists of all hydraulic system cranes:

• Grove-225 Ton, Truck Mount, Telescoping Boom

• Link Belt-200 Ton, Truck Mount, Lattice Boom

• Grove-120 Ton, Truck Mount, Telescoping Boom




Grove 120 Ton

Grove GMK 5120 Load Charts



Link Belt 200 Ton

Link Belt HC-248H Load Charts


If you have any questions about what our cranes can do for you, please call our corporate offices at 1-800-443-2753, and ask for Derek Dudinsky.